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We would like to provide you with comprehensive package of marine technical services such as Main Engine & Aux. Engine, Hull and Machinery, Marine electrics and electronics, safety equipments whole repair works, Inspection and Consulting in China.

aaaa Main engine & Aux. engine
Overhauling, Adjusting & Repairs
Hull, Piping, Fitting & Machinery
Welding, Cutting, Thikness gauging, Overhaul & Repairs
Electric, Electronic & Radio Equipments
Installation, Check, Rewinding, Overhaul & Repairs
Safety equipments
Sales, Supply, Inspection, Refilling, Overhaul & Repairs
Turbo charger & Boiler
Overhauling, Balancing test & Repairs
Fully recondition for each type of crankshaft,
   camshaft & connecting rod
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